Friday, May 30, 2008

Life of a Lady Lawyer

Once upon a time I used to cook meals. I brought and used lots of pots and pans, and collected recipes I would try out. Once upon a time I was not a lawyer. Now most days meals consist either of takeout via seamlessweb (a company started by someone at my firm) or brunch/dinner plans at the million plus restaurants in the fabulous city of NY with friends et al. So while I can't share any recipes I made (read- I only have water and condiments in my fridge), I can share some of my culinary exploits in the city.

My first post will appropriately enough be the dinner the female corporate finance partner arranged for all of the female lawyers of the group. We went to Tabla which specializes in "New Indian Cuisine" in the Flatiron district and serves a prixe fix menu for dinner. I had the braised duck samosa with a salad of shaved fennel that was amazing, and roasted pork made three ways that was quite good if a bit fatty for my taste. For dessert I had a chocolate "bar" which was perfection except for a strange scoop of sorbet that no one could identify. Although the best parts of the meal were the breads and the spreads that are served at every table and which they were not shy about refilling and the lovely bottle of Turley Zinfandel we shared.

It was a great dinner, not just because of the food, but I am lucky enough to work with some great female lawyers, many of whom I hang out with outside of work (in fact four of us saw the new Sex and The City Movie together on Friday) and who make work much more fun than it would be otherwise.

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