Thursday, June 12, 2008

Really, I'm fine...

I had originally hoped today to blog and provide pictures from my corporate finance lunch meeting, which we hold every other week. Another 2nd year associate and I are in charge of ordering the food for the group and to say we are picky in ordering is understatement. However, as I snuck upstairs early to take photos with my handy new blackberry with built in camera, I ran into one of my favorite partners who was feeling ill and by the time I got her help, other people were in the room devouring the food. So I will save a post about my food ordering duties for the next meeting. However, I do have another topic I would like to tackle. Part of any good meal, in my opinion, is the beverage - i.e. liquor.

You all know my affinity for alcohol, and tonight was the affinity group poker night at the office. While I was awaiting some comments to a memo from another associate, I ran upstairs and picked up the below cocktail which I dumped in my container of choice.

Yes, I am indeed the classiest lawyer you know.

I got my new favorite libation of choice, which I stole from Ivette - vodka soda and a splash of cranberry juice. It was a number of these bad girls that made Saturday night at the reunion oh so fun despite the heat. Now I am highlighting my cocktail of the evening not because I like to drink, even while working, or because this is my favorite mug which I got as a present for my 17th birthday, but because like any good meal, following a recipe for cocktails is important!
I had so many of these on Saturday because the bartender paid exceptional detail in pouring the right ratio of each ingredient and they were thus tasty! Some of the best cocktails I have served at parties and the like have been those where I actually used measuring cups rather than a free hand. So lesson of the night, Morsels, a cocktail, even at the office, deserves a little attention in the pour. It's 10:45 and I'm out of here for the night- wohoo earlier than last night's 1:30 am departure!

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