Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thai Ice Tea for a Sweltering Day

Unfortunately, most nights I don't get to eat at nice restaurants , or even propped up in front of the TV on my couch at home. Rather, it's at my desk via the wonders of Seamlessweb. Tonight was another late night at the office, made even later by the fact that I had to pack up my office as I was set to move to a different floor early the next day. I have been fighting the move for some time as it would mean I would have to change assistants and the floor I am moving to is a lot more crowded and busier (read: I couldn't hide in my quiet corner). But moving would also mean I wouldn't have to constantly either ride the elevator or walk the two flights of stairs in heels as I find myself doing several times a day.

So in preparation of the long night ahead I signed onto Seamlessweb to pick out my dinner. Picking what to order is always a long process for me, made worse by the fact that for every 5 new places I try, only one tends to be good. So I constantly fight the urge between a long time favorite or trying a new place. The other battle is fighting the battle between choosing healthy dinners versus the comfort food that late nights often demand. Tonight I found myself draw to Thai food as I had recently enjoyed a lovely meal at my favorite Thai place with all the lovely Morsels over reunion weekend (which was awesome). Tonight carbs and comfort won out, but I also decided to try a new place - Siam Grill.
I picked some old favorites - Kanom-Jeeb (chicken dumplings), Chicken Pad See-ew and a new dish Pad Preaw Warn. In honor of the heat, I also ordered a Thai Ice Tea. Of course this is a lot of food, but since we have a budget of $30, everyone always orders the max and either saves some for lunch the next day or does what I call a "taste and dump." Tonight I did the latter.
The first thing I tried when my food arrived (after a weird call from the delivery lady who could for some reason not find my building even though I told her the exactly street and cross streets) was the dumplings.

These were unfortunately quite nasty. The filling was bland and had a weird texture. I had two and dumped the rest. Next I tried the Pad Sew-Ew. It was pretty good, but very basic. Not too oily which takeout often can be for some of these places.

I tried the last dish and was very disappointed with it - it was a bit too watery and a weird pink color. So I finished off the Pad Sew-Ew, ate some of the chicken out of Pad Preaw Wan and then turned to my Thai ice tea. This was the best of the lot and I happily finished it off before I went back to work for the night and my massive to-do list on my whiteboard. Overall, I probably won't be ordering from Siam Grill again. Oh well.

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vanlikethecar said...

i love how you're taking blog photos with your blackberry! =) and such a shame that those dumplings weren't good. food abuse.