Friday, July 11, 2008

Inner Asian: Elephant Spouts and Kung Fu Dumplings

So it's like 5:30 am and I just made Justin's morning coffee and strawberry, banana, orange, and pomegranate smoothie. He leave for work and I sit down with my coffee and check google reader for any updates from my favorite blogs (including this one!) and i see these two posts on Serious Eats. They're awesome. So awesome that you need to read them.

First, this grapeseed oil bottle is SO COOL that it's spout looks like an elephant. I mean, I think should become the next biggest trend. Seriously! So awesome, I would take a photo with the person came up with the idea.

And secondly, I will admit. The movie Kung Fu panda sounded pretty stupid to me. I haven't seen the previews but the title itself is a bit ridiculous. (I know, this is coming from the girl who loves all movies with Amanda Bynes.) But I read this post about a dumpling battle and I think I might have to get to the movie theater pretty soon. The 2.5 minute clip is on there and it's awesome! I can totally relate, especially when we're at Ivy Noodle and there's only one dumpling left. Oh yeah...

Sigh...okay, off to do a practice performance test before "lecture" on community property.


^kat^ said...

wow! the artwork on that kung fu panda clip is beautiful! I would totally watch that movie for the graphics alone (plus, it seems pretty funny).

iWin said...

So I decided to read your cooking blog and I'm quite surprised how awesome it is. Your dishes look absolutely awesome. Though I am a ravenous carnivore I'm tempted to eat all of your dishes. Maybe next time we meet my dear sister can cook me a pasta dish or something.

Keep up the good work!