Monday, August 18, 2008

Into the cavernous silence

Congratulations to all of you have now completed various bar exams! Three cheers for you and yours. Hip hip hooray! I have a fabulous two and a half weeks remaining before I begin classes again. In the interim I'm getting to see fun friends (like Erin Kaderly and her beau Mike last week. We went to Pepe's -- good as always) and catching up on reading and writing. I still see asparagus at the markets here and there because we in the Northern half of the country had a cold spring, so here's my favorite new way to eat asparagus. Amazing mouth effect.

- 1 bunch asparagus sliced into 1/4" rounds
- 1 clove garlic minced
olive oil

Heat frying pan to medium hot. Add oil and veggies. Cook until asparagus is bright green on the outside and most of the white has disappeared from the inside.



Karen said...

Mmm, this sounds good. I haven't had much success with cooking asparagus, but I think I will be giving it another try soon!

vanlikethecar said...

You got to see Erin and Mike! Aw, I love hearing about Morsel reunions! And I haven't cooked asparagus this way before - cutting it into rounds and sauteing it. I usually just roast it was garlic, olive oil, and this sprinkle with Parmesan. So I'm super excited to try it - especially since Justin loves it so much and it will make me think of him. =)